Budget and Appropriations Process

Links to Budget Process Pages:

Budget Process in a Nutshell
Appropriations Process
Major Budget Process Laws
Appropriations Law
Allocations to Subcommittees: 302(b)s
Authorization of Appropriations
Apportionment and Budget Execution
BBAs:  Bipartisan Budget Acts of 2013, 2015, and 2018 – Raising the Caps
Budget Concepts Overview;  Report of the President’s Commission on Budget Concepts, 1967
Budget Functions
Budget Resolution
Capital Budgeting
Caps on Defense and Non-Defense Discretionary Spending
Cap Exemptions: Emergencies, Disasters, OCO (Overseas Contingency Operations)
CHIMPS (Changes in Mandatory Programs in Appropriations bills)
CRs (Continuing Resolutions)
Debt Ceiling (Statutory Limit on the Public Debt)
Deeming Resolution
Disaster Relief Supplementals
Drafting Templates

Enforcing the Caps: Sequestration
Executive Budget Process
Federal Budget Overview
Glossary of Terms Used in the Budget Process
Government Shutdown

House and Senate Rules and Procedure
Joint Comm on Budget & Appropriations Process Reform
Minibus and Omnibus Bills
Performance-Based Budgeting
Presidential Impoundment, Rescissions, and Deferrals
Publications on Budget Process by Charles S. Konigsberg
Reconciliation Bills

Scoring Rules and Circular A-11
Sequestration: Enforcing the Spending Caps and PAYGO
Supplemental Appropriations

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