Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies

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FY 2019 House C-J-S Appropriations Action:
Subcomm:  5/9/18:  approved CJS by voice vote | Bill | R-Sum | D-Stmt
Full Comm:  5/17/18:  approved CJS 32-19 | HR.5952 | Rpt-704R-Sum

FY 2019 Senate C-J-S Appropriations Action:
Subcomm: 6/12/18: approved CJS |R-Sum|D-Sum
Full Comm:  6/14/18:  approved CJS  30-1 | S.3072 | Rpt-275|Amend-to-Rpt | R-Sum | D-Sum |

FY 2019 Conference Action on C-J-S Appropriations:
Consolidated Appropriations, 2019:  Following a lengthy impasse over border wall funding and a 35-day partial government shutdown, on February 14, 2019 the Senate adopted 83-16, and the House adopted 300-128, the conf. report on H.J.Res. 31, providing appropriations for FY 2019 for departments and agencies funded by the 7 remaining appropriations bills – Ag, CJS, FSGG, HSec, Interior, SFOps, and THUD.
Conf. Report:  Text of Conf. Rpt Jt Explanatory Stmt
President:  Signed Feb. 15

The C-J-S bill funds the following agencies:
Department of Commerce
–Bureau of Economic and Statistical Analysis (Commerce)
–Bureau of the Census (Commerce)
–Economic Development Administration (Commerce)
–International Trade Administration (Commerce)
–U.S. Foreign and Commercial Service (Commerce)
–Minority Business Development Agency (Commerce)
–National Institute of Standards and Technology (Commerce)
–National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Commerce)
–National Technical Information Service (Commerce)
–National Telecommunications and Information Administration (Commerce)
–Patent and Trademark Office (Commerce)
Department of Justice
–Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (Justice)
–Bureau of Prisons (Justice)
–Drug Enforcement Administration (Justice)
–Federal Bureau of Investigation (Justice)
–Federal Prison Industries Incorporated (Justice)
–Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (Justice)
–National Institute of Corrections (Justice)
–Office of Justice Programs (Justice)
–U.S. Attorneys (Justice)
–U.S. Marshal Service (Justice)
–U.S. Parole Commission (Justice)
Other Agencies:
–Commission on Civil Rights
–Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
–International Trade Commission
–Legal Services Corporation
–Marine Mammal Commission
–National Aeronautics and Space Administration
–National Science Foundation
–Office of Science and Technology Policy (Executive Office of the President)
–Office of the United States Trade Representative (Executive Office of the President)
–State Justice Institute

In most respects House and Senate appropriations subcommittee jurisdictions are parallel.

Historical Database – Commerce-Justice-Science: 

Open a document below, press the Ctrl + F buttons, and enter relevant terms to locate the
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Omnibus:  all (or most) regular appropriations bills packaged together.
Minibus:  several regular appropriations bills packaged together.
CR:  continues agency funding at a particular level–often the previous year–without detailed appropriations.
Cromnibus:  a CR for some agencies and detailed appropriations for others.
Note on Joint Statements:  In many cases, (House-Senate) joint explanatory statements on omnibus appropriations bills are printed only in the Congressional Record–which is impossible to read on mobile devices.  In those cases, we have uploaded House Rules Committee PDFs. 
Please note:  When you click on the links below, the bill your browser opens may not be what you expect, because the appropriations language you need has been included by the Committee in a bill with an unrelated title.  For example, LHHS appropriations might be included in a bill titled Mil-Con-VA.  Rest assured, you have opened the correct document; simply proceed to the relevant “title” or “division” of the bill.  If you need assistance, contact us at
  FY   Omnibus,
Individual Bill or CR
Joint Stmt
2018 Omni-18 Div B Jt Stmt 18 CJS Hse CJS Rpt 18 Sen CJS Rpt 18 
2017 Omni-17 Div B Jt Stmt 17 CJS Hse CJS Rpt 17 Sen CJS Rpt 17
2016 Omni-16 Div B Jt Stmt Div B  Hse CJS Rpt 16 Sen CJS Rpt 16
2015 Omni-15 Div B Jt Stmt 15 CJS Hse CJS Rpt 15 Sen CJS Rpt 15
2014 Omni-14 Div B Jt Stmt Div B Hse CJS Rpt 14 Sen CJS Rpt 14
2013 Cromni-13 Div B Cromni-13 Jt Stmt Div B Hse CJS Rpt 13 Sen CJS Rpt 13
2012 Minibus-12 Div B Conf Rpt Div B Hse CJS Rpt 12 Sen CJS Rpt 12
2011 CR-11  n/a n/a Sen CJS Rpt 11
2010 Minibus-10 Div B Jt Stmt Div B Hse CJS Rpt 10 Sen CJS Rpt 10
2009 Omni-09 Div B Jt. Stmt Div B   Hse CJS Rpt 09 Sen CJS Rpt 09
2008 Omni-08 Div B Jt. Stmt Div B  Hse CJS Rpt 08 Sen CJS Rpt 08
At the beginning of the 110th Congress (2007), jurisdiction over the State Department was transferred from the House Science, State, Justice and Commerce, and Related Agencies subcommittee to the Foreign Operations subcommittee.*  
2007 CR-07 Chap-9  n/a Hse CJS Rpt 07 Sen CJS Rpt 07
2006 CJS Approps 06 Conf Rpt CJS 06  Hse CJS Rpt 06 Sen CJS Rpt 06
2005 Omni-05 Div B Conf Rpt Div B Hse CJS Rpt 05 Sen CJS Rpt 05
2004 Omni-04 Div B Conf Rpt Div B Hse CJS Rpt 04 Sen CJS Rpt 04
2003 Omni-03 Div B Conf Rpt Div B  n/a Sen CJS Rpt 03
2002 CJS Approps 02 Conf Rpt CJS 02  Hse CJS Rpt 02 Sen CJS Rpt 02
2001 HR 4942** Conf Rpt CJS 01** Hse CJS Rpt 01 Sen CJS Rpt 01
2000 Omni-00 Title II Conf Rpt Title II Hse CJS Rpt 00 Sen CJS Rpt 00
1999 Omni-99 Title II Conf Rpt Title II Hse CJS Rpt 99 Sen CJS Rpt 99
1998 CJS Approps 98 Conf Rpt CJS 98 Hse CJS Rpt 98 Sen CJS Rpt 98
*CRS: Appropriations Subcommittee Structure – History of Changes from 1920 to 2017

**H.R. 4942 contains Commerce Justice State Appropriations. The H.R. 4942 conference report incorporated H.R. 5547 – District of Columbia Appropriations and H.R. 5548 – Commerce Appropriations. H.R. 5633, a subsequent DC Appropriations bill, became Public Law 106-522. The DC appropriations were removed from H.R. 4942 in the H.R. 4577 conference report.  If you need assistance locating specific provisions contact us: