Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

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FY 2019 House Action:
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CRS funding summaryTHUD_FY 2018 Appropriations 

The Transportation-HUD bill funds the following agencies:
Department of Housing and Urban Development
-Federal Housing Administration
-Public and Indian Housing
-Government National Mortgage Association
-Community Planning & Development
-Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
-Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes
Department of Transportation
-Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
-Federal Highway Administration
-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
-Federal Railroad Administration
-Federal Transit Administration
-National Highway Traffic Safety Admin (NHTSA)
-Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Admin
-St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
-U.S. Maritime Administration
Other Agencies:
-Appalachian Regional Comm/Appalachian Dev Hwy Sys (see also E-W)
-Federal Maritime Commission
-National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak)
-National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
-Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
-Surface Transportation Board
-United States Access Board (accessibility for people with disabilities)
-United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
-Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
In most respects House and Senate appropriations subcommittee jurisdictions are parallel.

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  FY   Omnibus,
Individual Bill or CR
Joint Stmt
2018 Omni-18 Div L THUD H.Rept.115-237       S.Rept.115-138
2017 Omni-17 Joint Stmt
2016 Omni-16  Part I – Part II 
2015 Omni-15 Joint Stmt
2014 Omni-14 Joint Stmt
2013 DoD, MilCon Joint Stmt
2012 Omni-12 Joint Stmt
2011 DoD & CR|
2010 CJS-FSGG-LHHS-MilCon-State-THUD  Joint Stmt
2009 Omni-09 Part I   Part 2 
2008 Omni-08 THD 08   
2007 DoD-CR 07    
2005 Omni-05 Conf Rep 05  
2004 Omni-04 Conf Rep 04  
2003 Omni-03 Conf Rep 03  
2001 Omni-01 Conf Rep 01
2000  Omni-00  Conf Rep 00
1999  Omni-99  Conf Rep 99