Financial Services and General Government

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CRS funding summary:  Financial Services and General Government FY 2018 Appropriations

The FSGG bill funds the following agencies:
Department of the Treasury (except International Affairs Technical Assistance, and International Financial Institutions)
District of Columbia
-Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia
-District of Columbia Courts
-District of Columbia Public Defender Service
Executive Office of the President (except OSTP, USTR, CEQ)
-Council of Economic Advisers
-Government-wide Management Councils
-High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (ONDCP)
-National Security Council and Homeland Security Council (Executive Office of the President)
-Office of Administration (Executive Office of the President)
-Office of Management and Budget (Executive Office of the President)
-White House
-Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
-Federal Judicial Center
-Supreme Court of the United States
-U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
-U.S. Court of International Trade
-Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (Treasury)
-Bureau of the Public Debt (Treasury)
-Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Program Account (Treasury)
-Community Development Revolving Loan Fund
-Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Treasury)
-Financial Management Service (Treasury)
-Internal Revenue Service (Treasury)
-U.S. Mint (Treasury)
Independent Agencies:
-Administrative Conference of the United States
-Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation
-Commodity Futures Trading Commission (in the House, funded by the Ag bill)
-Consumer Product Safety Commission
-Election Assistance Commission
-Federal Communications Commission
-Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of the Inspector General
-Federal Election Commission
-Federal Labor Relations Authority
-Federal Trade Commission
-General Services Administration
–Allowances and Office Staff for Former Presidents (GSA)
–Public Buildings Service (GSA)
-Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
-Merit Systems Protection Board
-Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation
-National Archives and Records Administration
–National Historical Publications and Records Commission
-National Credit Union Administration
-Office of Government Ethics
-Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
–President’s Commission on White House Fellows (OPM)
-Office of Special Counsel
-Postal Regulatory Commission
-Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
-Securities and Exchange Commission
-Selective Service System
-Small Business Administration
–Disaster Loans Program (Small Business Administration)
-Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program
-United States Postal Service:
–Office of Inspector General
–Payment to the Postal Service Fund
-United States Tax Court
In most respects House and Senate appropriations subcommittee jurisdictions are parallel.

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  FY   Omnibus,
Individual Bill or CR
Joint Stmt
2018 Omni-18 Jt. Stmt. Div E  H.Rept.115-234  n/a
2017 Omni-17 Jt. Stmt. FSGG 2017  H. Rept. 114-624  S. Rept. 114-280
2016 Omni-16 Jt. Stmt. Part I 2016   H.Rept. 114-194  S. Rept. 114-97
2015 Omni-15 Joint Stmt H. Rept. 113-508  n/a
2014 Omni-14 Joint Stmt H. Rept. 113-172 S. Rept. 113-80 
2013 CR-13 Joint Stmt, Div F H. Rept. 112-550  S. Rept. 112-177 
2012 Omni-12 Joint Stmt H. Rept. 112-136  S. Rept. 112-79 
2011 Full-Year  CR| n/a   n/a S.Rept. 111-238 
2010 Minibus-10 Conf Rep, Div C H.Rept. 111-202  S.Rept. 111-43  
2009 Omni-09 Jt. Stmt. Part I    H.Rept. 110-920  S.Rept. 110-417 
2008 Omni-08 Jt. Stmt. Div. D H.Rept. 110-207  S.Rept. 110-129 
At the beginning of the 110th Congress (2007), further major changes were made as follows:Jurisdiction over the Departments of Transportation, Treasury, and Housing and Urban Affairs was divided to create subcommittees in both chambers on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and related agencies and on Financial Services and General Government (including the Treasury Department,the Judiciary, the Executive Office of the President, the Office of Personnel Management, the Postal Service, the District of Columbia, and other related agencies, such as the Federal Elections Commission, Federal Trade Commission,Securities and Exchange Commission, and Small Business Administration).**  Need assistance researching funding levels for FSGG agencies prior to 2007?  Contact us: Phone:  +1 (202) 419-3506.
**Source: CRS,  Appropriations Subcommittee Structure_ History of Changes from 1920 to 2017