Agriculture, Rural Dev, FDA, and Related Agencies

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FY 2019 House Action:
Subcomm:   Approved 5/9/18 | Bill | Summary 
Full Comm:  Approved: 5/16/18 | Bill | Report | Summary 

FY 2019 Senate Action:
Subcomm:  TUES: Sen AG subcomm. markup, 5/22, 10:30am SD-192
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Full Comm:  THURS: Sen full comm. mark-up: AG, 5/24 10:30am SD-106  AUDIO STREAM


FY 2019 Conference Action:
Conf. Report:
House Approval:
Senate Approval:
President’s Approval:

CRS funding summary:   Agriculture and Related Agencies FY 2018 Appropriations

The AG bill funds the following agencies:

Food and Drug Administration (HHS)
U.S. Department of Agriculture
(Except Forest Service)
–Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA)
–Agricultural Research Service (USDA)
–Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA)
–Child Nutrition Programs (USDA)
–Commodity Credit Corporation (USDA)
–Economic Research Service (USDA)
–Farm Service Agency (USDA)
–Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (USDA)
–Food and Nutrition Service (USDA)
–Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA)
–Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA)
–Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration (USDA)
–Inspection and Weighing Services (USDA)
–National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA)
–National Appeals Division (USDA)
–National Institute of Food and Agriculture [NIFA] (USDA)
–Native American Institutions Endowment Fund (USDA)
–Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA)
–Nutrition Program Administration (USDA)
–Risk Management Agency (USDA)
–Rural Business-Cooperative Service (USDA)
–Rural Housing Service (USDA)
–Rural Utilities Service (USDA)
–Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children [WIC] (USDA)
–Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (USDA)
Related Agencies:
Farm Credit Administration

In most respects House and Senate appropriations subcommittee jurisdictions are parallel.

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Historical Database – Ag-Rural Dev-FDA: 

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  FY   Omnibus,
Individual Bill or CR
Joint Stmt
2018 Omni-18 Div A Ag  H.Rept.115-232      S.Rept.115-131
2017 Omni-17 Joint Stmt H. Rept. 114-531 S. Rept. 114-259
2016 Omni-16 Jt. Stmt. Part I   H.Rept.114-205  S.Rept. 114-82
2015 Omni-15 Joint Stmt  H. Rept. 113-468  S. Rept. 113-164
2014 Omni-14 Joint Stmt  H. Rept.113-116  S. Rept. 113-46
2013 Minibus-13 Joint Stmt  H. Rept. 112-542  S. Rept. 112-163
2012 Omni-12 Joint Stmt  H. Rept. 112-101  S. Rept. 112-73
2011 Full-Year CR  n/a n/a  S.Rept. 111-221
2010 Ag-09   H. Rept. 111-279  H. Rept. 111-181  S. Rept. 111-39
2009 Omni-09 Joint Stmt  n/a  S.Rept. 110-426
2008 Omni-08 Ag 08  H.Rept.110-258  S.Rept.110-134
2007 CR 07  n/a  H.Rept. 109-463  S.Rept. 109-266
2006 Ag-06 H. Rpt. 109-255  H. Rept. 109-102  S. Rept. 109-92
2005 Omni-05 Conf Rep 05  H.Rept.108-584  S.Rept.108-340
2004 Omni-04 Conf Rep 04  H.Rept. 108-221  S. Rept. 108-107
2003 Omni-03 Conf Rep 03  H.Rept. 107-623  S.Rept. 107-223
2002 Ag-02 H.Rpt. 107-275  H.Rept. 107-116  S.Rept. 107-41
2001 Omni-01 Conf Rep 01  H.Rept. 106-619  S.Rept. 106-288
2000 Omni-00 Conf Rep 00  H.Rept. 106-157  S.Rept. 106-80
1999 Omni-99 Conf Rep 99  H.Rept. 105-588  S.Rept. 105-212
1998  Ag-98 H.Rept. 105-252   H.Rept. 105-178  S.Rept. 105-51